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Globe Digital Ads provides effective and efficient tools for your digital marketing management through innovative programmatic technology and creative solutions. Our end-to-end platform is designed to give you 100% fully transparent access to connect with target audiences across channels and devices ensuring there is no uncharted territory for your digital promotion and brand awareness.


Whether you are looking to extend your social media outreach, need assistance in developing websites, or optimizing your SEO, we can help. Globe Digital Ads offers immersive creatives for your digital marketing purposes.


The impact of digital marketing has never been more important for brand development. At Globe Digital Ads, our programmatic media solutions are designed to help you navigate your digital marketing strategy towards conversions.

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There are 22 million internet users in Malaysia

Revenue in the Digital Advertising market amounted to RM1.3b in 2017 in Malaysia

RM716m of total revenue in the Digital Advertising market will be generated through mobile in 2021

The market’s largest segment is the
Banner Advertising” with a market volume
of RM398m in 2017

The retail industry accounts for
the largest revenue share, that is 4.3 % of
Display Advertising revenues
in 2017

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